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Wishtel is the maker of IRA, BIS certified, a young and dynamic company whose ambitious goal is to bridge the technological gap in the education industry. Its journey from building proto-types to commercial models has been very exciting and today, Wishtel, with its associates, possesses in-depth expertise and experience with real time embedded systems and development tools. Thus, it builds an ecosystem of highly integrated hardware and software for Tablet PCs and multimedia boxes. At a time when the size of a mobile is getting increasingly bigger and that of a personal computer is getting increasingly smaller, this has given birth to tablet phones/computers.It comes as a relief to see the launch of a cost-efficient ultra-mobile and durable tablet PC, named IRA, by Wishtel.
  • Revolutionary Features

    Wishtel, in strategic partnership with Intel, offers solutions in the field of Banking, Pharma, Sales Force, Education etc. We are committed to providing high-performance solutions for Tablets and PCs that run on Android and Windows Operating System. Our priority is to meet the requirements of different sectors.
  • Contemporary Design

    We drive manufacturing efficiencies, inventory, lead time and cost reductions in the manufacturing operations through quality orientated and lean operating principles.
  • Smart Feature

    Breaking through the clutter of bulky desktop computers that require excess power and space, Ira was conceived with the notion of providing low-cost, yet highly effective tablets to take on a herculean task of facilitating millions to connect to the internet. In addition to this, Ira would give access to quality educational and multimedia content through a proprietary content delivery network (CDN). Hence, Ira is not just a low-cost product but a long-term, efficient platform for the masses.
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